Relaxation therapist in Amsterdam

“Fully Living from your Heart, what stops you?”                                                                        

Welcome on the website of practice LeeFdevoL. (Translates into: Live Fully or Full of Love…and “Feel Loved” if you read it backwards) My name is Tessa Nagtegaal, I am a holistic psychologist in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer and I am a member of the Dutch professional organisation BATC through which these sessions can partially be refunded by Dutch health insurance companies.

So great that you’ve found your way through the world wide web to land on this page!

Due to the fact that most of this website is in Dutch, I would like to refer you to another website: for more information in English.


Through sessions with conversational therapy, body-awareness exercises, breathing exercises, autogenic training, progressive relaxation training and massage you will be helped to relax, become aware of bodily sensations and emotions. The therapy process is entirely composed according to your needs. You can also go for individual coaching sessions or book a separate massage session.

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment in case you suffer from:

  • Stress, (chronic ) muscle tension, burn -out, quarterlife crisis
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, insecurity
  • Depression, negative thoughts
  • Feeling of absence, floatiness, difficulties in grounding
  • High Sensitivity (HSP)
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Light addictions

During and after a course at Leefdevol:

  • You will be able to view your feelings and thoughts with loving curiosity,
  • You will be able to reflect on what is really happening,
  • You will take steps open yourself beyond limitations and
  • You will relax and feel more free to be yourself

 Contact me and  make an appointment!


Male, 43:    “How do you describe silence? Trust and listening. Those are the two keywords for me in the meetings with Tessa. Because she really listened to me, without judgements, I was able to trust again. To trust her, but also myself. The value of someone that truly listens, for someone that is ‘just here’, is   priceless. “

Johan, 49:    “ Already during the e-mail contact I felt positive and that made the chance of success bigger. You are very positive and reliable person with a lot of patience and dedication to what you do. It has helped me a lot and I can image many other people as well. What an oasis of peace you radiate. And you can transfer this effortlessly.”

Female, 40:
“It was very nice to be coached by your. I feel comfortable and have the feeling that I can say anything. You are sincerely concerned, intuitive and you can sense people very well. You are honest and able to confront people. I think that’s a very important characteristic for a good therapist. ”

Nabila, 29:
“From the beginning I felt really good with you. During this stressful periode in my life the relaxation massage gave me the necessary rest. At the end of the massages I felt as if reborn. You’ve also taught me a few relaxation exercises and I still use them when I need to relax and have a moment for myself. “

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